Designed for Quality

Perez Kitchen Designs is a family owned and operated business who offer a wide range of quality cabinet making solutions. We can help you with the design and manufacture of your kitchen or alfresco, bathroom and laundry areas for both new and renovation projects.


As well as being one of Perth’s premier kitchen renovators, we also produce stunning, modern bathrooms that are affordable without a compromise in quality.

We can organise renovations for all size bathrooms including ensuites and powder rooms. Working in private homes, units and apartments, we offer a wide selection of home improvement ideas and services. Our bathroom renovations are all designed to your specifications in an endless selection of styles, finishes and fixtures.


With over 25 years industry experience, Perez Kitchen Designs can help with a range of new robes or replacement robes for existing spaces. We can create exactly what you need to maximise the space in your home. Our wardrobe cabinetry offers complete design flexibility. Wardrobe layouts can be customised to yield proper space for hanging clothes, shelving, drawers, and footwear storage. Many optional accessories are also available for additional customisation and to adequately personalise your wardrobe.


Doing the laundry may be your least favourite task; you may even see it as daunting, so why not make it as comfortable and as pleasurable as possible? A highly organised laundry room with custom laundry storage cabinets can make the task a lot more pleasant, not to mention it is an amazing selling point for your home!

Because Perez Kitchen Designs custom manufactures all of its cabinets, the options for designing clever storage for your laundry are endless. Do you need more sorting space or perhaps a few extra laundry room cabinets for detergents and chemicals? Shelving, pullout units, drawers, baskets and linen storage is totally up to you! Let us organise your laundry renovation today.